Vote for the best Mac software in the world!

Here at Nik’s Picks, I try to dig up some of the best software out there and share it with you. But I’m just one (lazy) guy, and there’s a lot of smart folks out there.

So, to make everyone have a little something new all the time, I set up Squidoo lens that tracks the top MacOS X software.

Just pop over to the lens, and you can vote on your favorite software, and vote down any software you don’t think is deserving! Should be fun.

You can see the top few results here in the sidebar, or best of all, at the page itself. Get out there and vote! (And, if you like the lens, be sure to give it a nice rating!)

Go vote now! What are you waiting for?!

And, as a disclaimer, I make no money on this. All the ad revenue generated by the lens is automatically gifted to charity.

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Written on December 20, 2006