Super Oda Dice Roller

Super Oda Dice Roller is an unobtrusive but powerful dice rolling program for use with tabletop role-playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons. It accepts text input as dice strings and rolls numerous dice with lightning speed!

*Example: 4d6+3d8+(4d8-5+2d6)/1d20*

It gets even better (and more “geektacular”) if you use the included Applescript in concert with LaunchBar or Quicksilver and growl. Together, they turn your Mac into a dice rolling monster, capable of rolling dice without ever leaving your current application! How cool is THAT?!


* MacOS X (tested on version 10.4.3, but should work on earlier versions)
* Ruby (tested on version 1.8.2 which comes with MacOS X 10.4 and later)


• [Growl](
• [LaunchBar]( or [Quicksilver]( to run the included Applescripts for easy launching.

**Version History**

* 0.2.1b: First public release.
* 0.3b: Combined LaunchBar and Quicksilver scripts. Added interactive Applescript ability. Streamlined code. Added error trapping in Applescripts for bad rolls.
* 0.4b: Eliminated the wacky QS/LB/terminal/interfaceless functioning and rebuilt as an Applescript Studio application! Now it has a window and all kinds of good stuff. Version 0.3b is still available for command line wonks and people who like Quicksilver/Launchbar integration. You can get it here:
* 0.5b: Added Growl notification support (optional). Bundled an Applescript, “Roll Super Oda Dice.scpt” which restores the Quicksilver/Launchbar functionality. Added an awesome icon, courtesy of Forrest Walter.

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Written on May 4, 2006