Subvert iTunes: Netcasts vs. Podcasts

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This post is part of an ongoing series about how to subvert iTunes and make it more agreeable to those of us who dislike DRM, high prices, and general customer-mistreatment. Read the whole series!

Netcasts in iTunes

The grand poobah of the TWiT Network, Leo Laporte, has put out a call to change Podcasts into Netcasts. This is a response to Apple’s over-litigious behavior over third parties’ use of the word “pod” in reference to music, podcasting, etc. You can read all about it on Leo’s own site.

As a show of support, I have put together a hacked version of iTunes strings file that transforms iTunes from a Podcast subscribin’ program, into a Netcast program.

Important Note: The following procedure may totally wreck iTunes. Make a backup copy of the application before proceeding. I make no guarantees as to whether this will work and whether or not it will wreck up iTunes, although it does work fine for me.

Just download and decompress the attached file, and then show iTunes’ contents (right click on the iTunes icon and choose “Show Package Contents”), then navigate to the Contents/Resources/English.lproj/ folder. Drop the downloaded Localizable.strings file into there, replacing the existing one, and you’re good to go.

Welcome to the Netcast revolution! It will not be televised! (Digg this article to help spread the word!)

If any readers know how to do this for the Windows version of iTunes, post it in the comments.

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Written on October 4, 2006