Steve Jobs is a Whiny Bitch

The iPhone 4 is flawed. It may not be alone in this, but it’s demonstrably easier to kill its signal than it is with other phones. The fact that an inch of plastic could dramatically reduce the effect (without decreasing it’s improved reception compared to earlier iPhones, no less) only underscores that it’s a flaw.

Apple’s response was late, childish and petulant. Jobs acted as though he was OWED respect… That people should be satisfied that they got ANYTHING. He came off as an entitled brat… the same brat that Sculley fired in ‘85.

Grow up, Steve. Put on your big girl pants, apologize to the people who are disappointed that you didn’t spring for an inch of plastic to ease the attenuation.

Accusing your customers of being whiny bitches works a lot better when you aren’t acting even worse.

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Written on July 20, 2010