Send Google Reader Items to OmniFocus

Google Reader has a nifty “Send To…” feature that lets you push reader items to other services – such as social networks, Instapaper, and so forth.

I have recently set up a Send To service that will send your Google Reader articles to OmniFocus, provided you’re using version 1.8 or later. (Currently in beta, download it here) (Props and full credit goes to Gokubi for setting this up for version 1.7 – I just polished it up a bit and used the native URI handler in OF 1.8)

Setup is pretty simple. In Google Reader, go to your Reader Settings (upper right corner), and click on the “Send To” tab. Then you just have to add a new service, and use the following settings:

Name: OmniFocus

Send to URL:${title}&note=From+${source}%3A+${short-url}

Icon URL:

Then just go back to Google Reader, and choose Send To on an article (or type Shift + T), and select OmniFocus.

Again, this only works with OmniFocus 1.8, which is in beta right now. If you want the same functionality without having to switch to a potentially untrustworthy version of OF, you can use Gokubi’s original setup, which leverages my URI handler for OF 1.7 and earlier.

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Written on July 16, 2010