Search the Amazon MP3 store from the iTMS

Now you can browse the iTunes Music Store and search for songs you like in the higher-quality, cheaper, and DRM-free Amazon MP3 store!

Just select some songs you like while browsing the iTMS and run this script, and your browser will open up searches for each selected song. If you don’t have any songs selected, it’ll just search for the first song in the list.

Why would you want this? Well, the iTMS has a very nice browser and some convenient integration with your playlist (especially with the new Genius sidebar). This way you can take advantage of that nice browser, but still buy a high quality, DRM free, MP3 version of the songs you want.

It’s kinda like going to Best Buy to try out a computer and then buying the computer on Amazon. Except with music.

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Written on September 27, 2008