Open 1Password Logins from LaunchBar or QuickSilver

This is a Ruby script that will export your 1Password bookmarks as an HTML file with each login as a link that will auto-fill your passwords. This file can be indexed in LaunchBar as a Bookmarks file (or in any other launcher that can index a file of URLs) for easy login to your indexed websites. Run this script on a scheduled basis using your favorite automation software, tell LaunchBar to index it as a bookmarks file, and you’re on your way.

Usage is fairly simple. Just run the script along with the path to your keychain file and the path to your bookmarks file. For example:

ruby agiletohtml.rb “/Users/me/Dropbox/1Password.agilekeychain” “/Users/me/Documents/1PasswordBookmarks.html”

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Written on May 4, 2012