OmniOutliner List Manager

This set of Applescripts lets you use OmniOutliner Pro to keep a variety of lists on your computer and easily add items to them from the script running application of your choice. (Including LaunchBar or Quicksilver!) These lists can also be set up to automatically sync to your iPod as iPod notes in order to take ‘em with you on the road.

What kind of lists? Well, anything! A list of presents to buy, movies to rent, books to read, things to do before you die, groceries to pick up, names for your unborn child… The mind boggles!

A lot of people use text files for these kinds of lists. Call me an interface nerd, but I prefer something a little more… robust to maintain my lists. Specifically, I like OmniOutliner. So, I made this little program to give me the ease of use and flexibility of a text file within the wonderful interface of OOP.


* OmniOutliner Professional 3.x
* MacOS X 10.x (tested in 10.4, but it should work in earlier versions)
* Optional: Launchbar or Quicksilver for rapid list entry
* Optional: iPod to carry your notes with you

These scripts will probably work with older versions of the MacOS and OmniOutliner, but I’ve only tested them under MacOS X 10.4.

*Note: Downloads were broken for a while. They work now. Sorry for the trouble.*

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Written on August 1, 2006