Nik's Picks: XShelf

XShelf is a freeware application that provides a “shelf” in the Finder, much like the legacy NeXTStep shelf, or the shelf in Path Finder.

The shelf acts as a temporary place to hold files while you move and copy them in the Finder. So you can move one or more files to the shelf, navigate to the folder you want to move the files to, and then drag the files from the shelf to the folder. This is fantastic for smaller screens, or when you’re gathering multiple files and copying or moving them to a single location.

As if that wasn’t enough, XShelf also provides a command line utility to add items to the shelf, as well as a system-wide service to do the same.

It’s a great, simple, utility that makes navigating the Finder tremendously easier. And it’s free. What could be better?

You can learn more and download XShelf here.

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Written on January 13, 2011