Nik's Picks: Mondrianum

If you have a Mac, you have friends and family who assume you’re a designer. “Please make me a business card!” they plead, “Can you set up a brochure for me?”

You’re a nice person, though, so you break out AppleWorks and start putting stuff together. Hey, even someone with my level of design skills can put up some boxes and text and a picture. The problem comes when you have to pick what color to make everything.

Let’s see… Red, Blue, and Green. Those are nice colors. But why does it look like crap?

Enter Mondrianum, or color picking for farm animals and the mentally disabled. Mondrianum is a wicked cool plug-in for MacOS X’s color picker that lets you browser color sets on Adobe’s Kuler site. (Kuler, if you haven’t heard of it, is a site where design nerds can create and share color palettes with one another.)

Thanks to Kuler, a lot of folks with WAY better design sense than you have, created a wealth of cool color palettes. Pick a palette, pick your colors, and go to town!

Now THAT’S a nice brochure!

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Written on January 25, 2008