Nik's Picks: Clean My Mac

Nik's Picks: Clean My Mac

I picked up Clean My Mac by MacPaw as part of the current MacHeist bundle. I’m geeky enough to be able to navigate my Library folders for rogue launch items and caches, but I gave Clean My Mac a shot at my painfully slow MacBook.

I expected a typical log-and-cache cleaner, but was instead greeted by an attractively designed and very full-featured utility. In addition to my logs and caches, Clean My Mac made it easy for me to find launchagents, web plugins, and orphaned preference files. After reviewing and customizing what it was going to clear out, I clicked “Clean” and quickly got 30-some gigs of hard drive back, and dropped a few thousand unnecessary files. (5+ years of cruft; I’m an upgrader, not a clean-installer.)

My MacBook’s got “teh snappy” [sic] back, and I even found a DirecTV launchagent that was keeping it from automatically going to sleep.

Sure, I could have cleaned this all manually, but Clean My Mac was thorough and quick.

As with all such apps, back up first, go through the cleaning list carefully and make sure you don’t over-clean.

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Written on October 23, 2012