Lorem Ipsum and More

This is a collection of three AppleScripts to generate “greek” type to fill in for designers and anyone else who just needs some random copy.

There are three different versions of placeholder text:

Lorem Ipsum: Generates a random set of paragraphs using the much-loved Lorem Ipsum passage.

Lorem Chomsky: Generates obscure and academic text in the style of Noam Chomsky

Lorem Bullshit: Pardon the colorful wording, but this is aptly named. It creates Dot-com/IT/Web-2.0 marketing BS speak. Synergies and paradigms abound!

Run these scripts to generate three paragraphs. If you execute from LaunchBar you can pass a string with the number of paragraphs you’d like to generate.

The dictionaries were adapted from other sources and are credited within the scripts’ source.

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Written on April 6, 2011