Interarchy 10, Interarchy 9 all over again

Interarchy, my long-time FTP (and SFTP, and S3, etc…) client, just got a major upgrade. Now it’s at version 10. Among its many improvements is the ability to create plugins that run programs on the server you’re connected to! So you can, for example, edit your Apache virtual hosts files, and then bounce Apache without leaving Interarchy. Extremely cool stuff.

Unfortunately, it’s chock full of bugs!

These bugs range from irritations to full on crash the application bugs, and most are the kind that seem like they should have been detected in a very modest QA check. (One button in the preferences simply kills the app if it’s running under Snow Leopard!)

Interarchy 9 had an equally spotty release. I’m assuming that a 10.1 update will be here soon, but until then, there’s a painfully buggy program out there. On the up side, of course, I can keep using version 9, and wait until 10.1 to buy the upgrade. (if I choose to do so… Transmit’s looking great these days and has a lot to recommend itself)

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Written on August 5, 2010