Insert Snippets from Evernote - use Evernote like TextExpander

Insert Snippets from Evernote - use Evernote like TextExpander

This script lets you create boilerplate snippets in Evernote and paste them into any app you want. Kind of like TextExpander. I use it for AppleScript methods, boilerplate emails, email signatures, conference call dial-in info, and more.

Here’s how it works: Create a notebook named “Snippets,” and then add your snippets/boilerplate to it. Finally, tag the snippets with the name of any applications you want to use it with, or tag it as “Default Snippet” if you want it to appear in every application.

Example: my AppleScript snippets are tagged AppleScript Editor; my HTML snippets are tagged with BBEdit, Espresso, and TextEdit; my boilerplate thank you and business inquiry emails are tagged with Safari, Mail and Sparrow (I have a lot of email accounts);and my address and phone number snippet is tagged Default Snippet for easy insertion into any app or website.

When you fire off the script, it will let you choose from all the snippets tagged with the name of the current application or that are tagged universally. Pick one and it’ll paste right in.

I use this script all the time, and it saves me hours every week. Get it, use your favorite utility to put a keyboard shortcut on it, and get some time back.

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Written on October 23, 2012