I'm Sick of This Crap!

Way back in 1993 or so, I coded my first lame web page. Since then, I’ve learned some degree of HTML, Javascript, CSS, PHP, and more. I built my own personal websites on overly complicated, powerful, extensible Content Management Systems, and did the same for friends and clients.

I’m done.

Why? Because it’s not something I can do competently anymore. It’s no longer any fun to dabble in this stuff. Even the slightest tweak to CSS needs to be tested in fourteen versions of Internet Explorer, twelve different Android screen sizes, and did I mention it has to be responsive as well? HTML has as much in common with web design these days as a quill pen does with ebooks. I’m done with standards compliance, bug fixing, work-arounds for different browsers, and all the rest.

Screw it.

Today, I have moved my personal blog over here, to Tumblr. Sure, the search features are hideously broken, but it’s quick and fun to post and it has a great iPhone app.

Maybe I’ll write more, now!

Yeah… write…


Hey! I replaced Tumblr’s broken-ass search field with a hideous-looking Google search engine! Did you

…aww, who am I kidding? 90% of the reason I ever blogged was to experiment with with web technologies.

So, not quitting then. Let’s call it… err… retired!

I’m scaling back, for sure, but I’m sure I’ll drop by the old office now and then to chat with HTML5 and the other new guys, maybe drop in on the FRAMESET tag and reminisce about old times. Just so I have something to do. I can’t just sit at home all day, can I?

Same crappy blog. New crappy place. Let crappy work for me.

And it’s still orange.

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Written on August 30, 2012