I got my iPhone 4G early... and it's labeled 3G!

Now that jailbreaks are available for iOS 4 (what, no iOS X 10.4?), I went ahead and updated my phone. A couple .plist edits later, and my plain-old 3G gets background pictures and multi-tasking. Installed MyWi, which gives me tethering (without canceling my unlimited plan, thank you very much!) Thanks to iVideoCamera, I can capture video, and Vlingo gives me voice dialing.

So basically, I’ve got the functions of a 3GS, without the extra speed. Not bad for the price.

Now I’m dithering over whether to sell this phone on eBay (I figure an unlocked and contractless 16GB 3G with all these bonus features could be worth at least a few hundred bucks) and get a shiny new iPhone 4; or whether I’m better off staying the course, enjoying life without a contract (even switch carriers – if only T-Mobile’s 3G network worked with the iPhone), and maintaining the freedom to jailbreak and hack to my heart’s content.

Heck, if YOU want it, sound off in the comments. I figure $300 – the cost of the higher-trim-level iPhone 4 – is my “buy it now” price.

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Written on June 23, 2010