Hotkey Access to Google Chrome Bookmarks Bar

I’ve recently made the switch to Google Chrome, thanks in no small part to my taking on Pinboard as my bookmarks engine. Something I miss from Safari (about the only thing!) is the keyboard shortcuts for my first 10 bookmarks in my bookmarks bar. (CMD+1 through CMD+0)

Here’s a series of Applescripts that do exactly that: Click your first 10 bookmarks. You can take these scripts and use your tool of choice to add hotkeys.

Unlike Safari’s, this will work whether or not your bookmarks bar is visible. You can even use it outside of Chrome and it will bring Chrome to the front and then click the bookmark. Fancy!

And yes, this would make much more sense as a Chrome extension. Unfortunately, that extension has been built, and it doesn’t seem to work very reliably.

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Written on March 14, 2011