Help raise awareness of how great Mac software is!

A while ago, I set up a Squidoo lens to let folks vote on which software for the Mac was best. To my great surprise, it was really popular, and quickly shot up into the top 50 Squidoo lenses, and was nominated as a Lens of the Day by Squidoo.

Well, it’s popularity has diminished slightly, but now the lens is in the running for the Squidoo Lens of the Year!

How cool would it be if a lens promoting the very BEST stuff for the Mac was awarded this prestigious title?

If you want to push for that, go vote on the lens of the year and give your vote to “The Top MacOS X Software. Period.” and let’s see what happens. (It’s hanging out around #30-40 out of nearly 200 lenses as I write this.)

Note that I make NO money and get NOTHING if it’s nominated. Any ad revenue the lens gets goes straight to charity. I just think it’s a great opportunity to show off some of the awesome software that we enjoy using every day. So go vote already!

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Written on March 20, 2007