Having fun with Jekyll

A new CMS is always a present. New toys, new things to learn…

So far, I’ve added full text search via client-side JS (didn’t know how good that could be!), “oranged” up the theme, and the usual array of troubleshooting to get analytics, 404s, and all that jazz working correctly. End result: this blog’s more functional than the Tumblr platform. (Sad.)

As I expected, Jekyll’s lack of a server-side CMS is troublesome, since it’s a multi-step process to post anything. I can’t just “share” from my phone to Tumblr. (Not that I ever did that anyhow!)

Unexpectedly, I’m really liking using git for content management and syncing of posts between devices. It’s fast, I have a huge amount of control… just really cool.

Next up is seeing about whether a node-red server fills in that critical automation gap so I can start wiring in IFTTT webhooks to get everyone playing nicely with one another.

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Written on April 8, 2019