Give to charity, get great software!

In case you haven’t read this elsewhere, MacHeist has made a great bundle of software available at the culmination of the incredibly fun MacHeist game/software giveaway.

The bundle has some of the real cream of the crop Mac applications, including Delicious Library, TextMate, RapidWeaver, and a Pangea game of your choice, and it’s only $50 – $12.50 of which is donated to a charity of your choice.

If you’re a newish Mac user or mostly stick to open source apps, I highly recommend picking up this sampler so you can see what some of the top independent Mac developers are capable of producing. This is the sort of software that will make you switch to a Mac or keep you from ever being able to quit the Mac fold.

If you’re interested, go take a look and buy a bundle if you like what you see.

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Written on December 11, 2006