Find iTunes songs without album art

The perfect script for the obsessive-compulsive iTunes user! Want to make sure all your albums have artwork? Then this is the script for you!

When run, this script will create a new playlist, entitled “::No Album Art::”, containing all your iTunes music tracks which don’t have any associated album artwork. (This is best used after running *Find Album Artwork* from the iTunes 7 *Advanced* menu.)

Once you have all your artless files in a playlist, you can then easily update their artwork manually, or using the [Album Art widget for Dashboard](, the [iTunes Companion]( Yahoo Widget, or any of the [many other album art grabbers](

This does take a pretty long time, so be patient. Any errors are logged to the system.log (viewable via the console).

To install: Either run it directly from Script Editor, or copy it to ~/Library/Scripts/Applications/iTunes/ to use it from the script menu.

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Written on September 13, 2006