Evernote Bookmarking Tools

I use Evernote in lieu of in-browser bookmarks. (You can read more about this project and how it works for me here.) I have two scripts I use to make this a little easier on me:

Append source HTML to selected notes: This takes selected notes with an associated URL and attaches the content of the URL’s page to the respective notes. If you change the “useIP” property to true, it will also trim down the source with the Instapaper service, thus eliminating ads, navigation, and comments before importing the HTML. I used this originally when I imported by Pinboard bookmarks into Evernote, but occasionally use it with other notes that I’ve just added my own comments to, so as to make them “full text searchable.”

Export Notes as HTML Bookmarks: This script takes every URL stored in Evernote and exports it into a simple HTML file that contains nothing more than a series of links, labeled with the title of the associated notes. I use [LaunchBar] to index this file (added it to LB’s index as a custom web bookmarks file), making it easy for me to quickly open bookmarks without even having to open Evernote. Use your favorite scheduling utility to make this happen on a regular basis. (I use Keyboard Maestro

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Written on February 9, 2012