Evernote as a Database

Evernote just released Skitch 2.0, as well as a Skitch for the iPhone. As a long-time Skitch user who was always a little peeved by the crazy interface, the new one’s a breath of fresh air. However, it’s also entirely dependent on Evernote: Every screenshot you want to save is saved in an Evernote “Skitch” notebook. Every. Single. One.

In other words, Evernote is continuing the trend of Evernote Hello and Evernote Food, and using Evernote as a back-end database for other applications. Interesting idea, except that Evernote, well, isn’t a database. It HAS a database, but they’re forcing me to add every damn piece of data from one of their apps to get conglomerated with my journal entries, research notes, sales prospects, tech tips, code snippets, and more. Yup, if I even want to share a screenshot of a funny dialog box, it’ll get glommed in with everything else. Stored forever, unless I remember to prune my Evernote library. (Unlikely!)

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Written on September 19, 2012