Email to app for an app with no web service (2Do)

I personally am a big fan of 2Do as a daily task manager. I’ve tried a lot of alternatives, but that’s always where I end up. But unlike most task managers these days, it’s app-only, there’s no web service. So if I want to use some of the great tools out there (like TaskClone, which is a killer tool for any hardcore Evernote junkie), I’m stuck. Sure, I can AppleScript some stuff on a Mac, but now that I’m moving more and more onto Chromebooks, that’s not such a great option.

Well, I do have one device that runs 2Do and is turned on pretty much all the time: My phone. Since I have an Android phone, 2Do’s iOS email-to-task won’t work for me, but Android’s nothing if not a deep bag of tricks, so by stringing together Tasker, Join, and Zapier, I have a fully functional email-to-2Do utility.

The steps:

  1. A Zapier email task that connects to…
  2. A Join API webhook that…
  3. Triggers a Tasker profile that…
  4. Sends an app intent to 2Do…
  5. Which creates a task

Step 1: Get your Join API Key

Log into Join (on the web), click on API, and copy your API key (hidden in this screenshot for obvious reasons).

Step 2: Create a Tasker task

The Tasker setup simply looks for a Join message and triggers an Intent called “”.

And finally, a Zapier zap that just receives an email and forwards it on to a webhook - just pass in the API Key and your device names as request variables.

Now you just send an email to the address Zapier provides, and the email subject will get pushed right into 2Do.

This works easily enough with any other app that accepts intents. Just edit the setup as necessary.

One small issue with this approach is that there’s no way to parse things out so that the task name is the subject and add the email body as a note - instead I have to cram everything into one line. Not horrible from a “just toss it into the inbox and triage it later” point of view, but not ideal. Maybe I can talk 2Do’s developer into adding some custom intents to handle this, or better yet, a Tasker plugin!

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Written on November 28, 2018