Don't Blog. Write.

Robin Hobb’s new book, Renegade Mage, just came out. I thought I’d pop over to her blog (which I haven’t looked at in years) and see if she had anything to say about this book or upcoming projects.

Instead of a blog, I found an [odd little scavenger hunt](] featuring pictures of her cats, and then in the attic, a cautionary tale for all would-be writers. A tale of missed deadlines, sleepless nights, and banal, unsatisfying, writing.

> Ah, my writer friend. It is harsh but it must be said. Compared to the studied seduction of the novel, blogging is literary pole dancing. Anyone can stand naked in the window of the public’s eye, anyone can twitch and writhe and emote over the package that was not delivered, the dinner that burned, the friend who forgot your birthday. That is not fiction. That is life, and we all have one. Blogging condemns us to live everyone else’s tedious day as well as our own.

> …Oh, my dearest writer friend. Be strong. Resist the siren call.

> Don’t blog. Write.

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Written on May 14, 2008