Convenient Password Generator

There’s plenty of password generators out there, but how many of them generate passwords that are both secure as well as convenient?

This script creates just such passwords.

Convenience: The passwords this script generates can by typed with just one hand on the keyboard, and can also be entered into an iPhone without going back and forth between letters and numbers and symbols and capital letters. The passwords also use normal dictionary words that are easy to remember.

Secure: Every password is at least 12 characters long and contains a combination of letters, numbers, symbols, upper case and lower case letters.

Are you sure that’s secure?

Okay, sure, a totally random string of letters and numbers and whatnot would be more secure than any password that uses dictionary words. However, by using two words, as well as numbers and symbols, these passwords meet a nice balance between convenience and security. It’s a lot easier for me to remember “fate64$!SWAGER” than “}Uc^nGRJ3X3F”, and of course it’s easier to type the former too.

The truly paranoid should move along, though. If an attacker knew you were using this system, then they would have a much smaller set of possibilities for a brute-force attack – and the ability to just download the script and steal the word dictionary.

Update: Added about a thousand more words to the list to make this more secure. There are now over four million potential combinations of words, letters and symbols.

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Written on June 1, 2011