Bookmark the Shit out of It

I have begun to wildly and indiscriminately bookmark my online life and jam it into Evernote. The results have been fantastic: I now have the Internet (insofar as it’s relevant to me) synced up across my computer and my phone. Wifi out? No problem, my favorite nineteen Wikipedia articles are right where they’re supposed to be! Forget a website I visited? No need for browsing history, if it’s even remotely interesting, it’s probably in Evernote already. PDF reports from vendors and agencies? Yup, they’re in there, too.

My biggest tool in this regard is IfTTT, which I’ve written about before. It carefully pushes my Twitter, Facebook, blog Google Reader faves, and Instapaper archives into Evernote (and these are probably the best indicators of stuff I find interesting).

Is this good for you (or for me)? Maybe, or maybe not. It’s made searching Evernote a challenge (I’m working on sorting that out), but it’s still entirely functional. I wish (a little), that I could use something like EagleFiler to handle this, so that it’s just a little less proprietary, but with Evernote’s extensive API, it seems like I’m at least fourteen hops, six skips and eleven jumps away from disintermediating Evernote, should I want to at a later time.

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Written on April 6, 2012